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Navigating your Collaborative Divorce

You have decided to embark on a Collaborative Divorce. You would like to make the most of it.  Here are some tips for how to successfully navigate the process            Establish goals for your Collaborative Divorce. Think about your goals for the Collaborative Divorce process.  Consider the big picture as well as particular goals you […]

How Do I Begin My Collaborative Divorce?

You have read the literature and thought about your options. You have considered your desire to maintain an amicable relationship with your spouse after your divorce. You want to protect your children from the detrimental effects of an adversarial divorce. You prefer not to waste your valuable assets fighting about how to divide them. You […]

Financial Information to Collect in Preparing for Divorce

Choosing a non-adversarial divorce method like Collaborative Divorce or Divorce Mediation is a good idea for many reasons.  One reason is that it will save you time and money. You can further keep costs down by being organized and gathering the financial information you will need to collect in the divorce process.  Don’t worry if […]

Vicki Volper Chosen for the Winners Circle

Attorney Vicki Volper is honored to have been profiled in the Fairfield County Business Journal’s Winners Circle. Here is a link to the article.

Divorce Procedure in Connecticut

There is no “common-law” marriage in Connecticut and there is no “common-law” divorce. Regardless of whether a couple chooses an adversarial or non-adversarial divorce method, a couple can only divorce through the court system by following the steps set forth by statute. Service of Process To initiate a divorce, one party, either the husband or […]

Connecticut Divorce Options

With approximately fifty percent of marriages ending in divorce, the termination of a marriage is now a common life transition. Although it may be common, divorce can be difficult on both parents and children. If asked, most couples would say that they would prefer to minimize the harmful effects of divorce on their children. Ideally, […]

Collaborative Divorce

In Collaborative Divorce, I act as your attorney and another Collaborative Divorce attorney will represent your spouse. Unlike the traditional attorney representation in divorce, the two attorneys will work cooperatively and focus their efforts on settling all of the issues of your divorce instead of fighting. Most of the work of Collaborative Divorce is done […]

Divorce Mediation

In Divorce Mediation, I act as a neutral third party facilitating discussions between you and your spouse about each of the issues of your divorce.   I will act as your resource for the legal aspects of your divorce. I will guide you both through the legal process and help you make your own decisions based […]

Choosing Between Mediation and Collaborative Divorce

By choosing either mediation or collaborative divorce, a couple can avoid the adversarial posture taken in most divorces that are handled in the traditional way. While conflict cannot be avoided in divorce, the mediation and collaborative divorce processes can make conflicts constructive, rather than destructive. The parties can take ownership of the decisions that need […]

Legal Coaching

Some individuals with more straight forward situations may wish to represent themselves in the divorce process.  These people typically have been in short term marriages and have no minor children and few assets. As your legal coach in the divorce process, I will help you navigate the court system and advise you about your rights […]

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