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Who is a good candidate for Divorce Mediation?

When I receive a phone call about divorce mediation, I am often asked whether the caller is a good candidate for mediation. The conversation often leads to a description of the conflict the couple is experiencing that is the reason for their divorce. How, I am asked, can we mediate when we are not able […]

Mediation and Collaborative Divorce to Manage Conflict in Divorce

Many people will turn to a divorce lawyer before talking to their spouse about divorce because they are concerned about preserving their rights. Often the other spouse learns about the divorce by receiving legal papers from the divorce lawyer beginning the divorce action. The other spouse, having been blindsided, engages his own divorce lawyer to […]

How to Work with your Collaborative Divorce Lawyer

  You have chosen to use Collaborative Divorce. You have taken the time to interview and select a Collaborative Divorce lawyer to represent you through the process. How can you work with your lawyer to get the most out of the process? Share your goals for the process with your Collaborative Divorce lawyer Each client […]

Managing Debt in Divorce

Make a List of Your Existing Debts   Often couples approaching divorce have individual or joint debts. Most people have home mortgages and/or home equity lines of credit. In addition, many couples have credit card debt, student loans and other liabilities. In the process of divorce mediation, the husband and wife must decide how to […]

Divorce: Legal and Physical Custody

When contemplating divorce, parents are rightly concerned about the welfare of their children. One issue that often confuses divorcing parents is the definition of custody. In Connecticut, there are two forms of custody: legal custody and physical, or residential custody. Legal Custody of Children in Divorce Legal custody refers to the decision-making power for the […]

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