The Structure Offered by Divorce Mediation



So many issues to consider.

Getting divorced is stressful. There are so many unknowns. Where will I live? Will there be enough money for the things that are important to me? How will my children fare in the divorce process? How will I pay for health insurance? How will we afford to send the children to college? Will I be with  my children on Thanksgiving?

These are just a few of the many varied issues that swirl around in the mind of a person anticipating divorce. The prospect of tackling so many important issues can seem overwhelming. Divorce mediation provides a structure allowing couples to handle all of the issues of their divorce in a methodical, organized manner.

Divorce Mediation provides structure to the divorce process.

The structure of divorce mediation offers the opportunity to slow down and consider each issue thoughtfully. In place of a jumble of fears, divorce mediation creates a systematic plan for reaching rational and reasonable decisions.

Beginning with the first mediation session, the  divorce mediator will offer couples the opportunity to break the divorce process down into small, manageable steps.

  • First, a parenting plan will be created that permits each parent to remain connected to his or her children in a meaningful way. This involves a daily parenting schedule, as well as the sharing of holidays and vacations.
  • Second, assets and debts will be listed and evaluated. The divorce mediator then helps the couple decide how the assets and debts should be shared.
  • Third, the parties consider cash flow. Is there a need for spousal support? What should that look like? How long should it last? What about child support?

Along the way, the many details related to these issues are considered, including, health insurance, life insurance and college expenses.

Structure provides a sense of control.

While there is flexibility as to the order in which issues are discussed, there is an overall structure that is soothing to most couples. They see that the many overwhelming issues that need to be addressed will all be handled in time. The structure offered by divorce mediation allows many divorcing people to reduce the stress of divorce.  Reducing stress is always a good thing.

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