Collaborative Divorce

In Collaborative Divorce, I act as your attorney and another Collaborative Divorce attorney will represent your spouse. Unlike the traditional attorney representation in divorce, the two attorneys will work cooperatively and focus their efforts on settling all of the issues of your divorce instead of fighting. Most of the work of Collaborative Divorce is done in four-way meetings with both spouses and both attorneys present. You will make all the necessary decisions about your divorce with my guidance all along the way. The process is confidential, efficient and cost-effective. Most importantly, it allows your values to be reflected in the decisions that are made.

How Does Collaborative Divorce Work?

You and  your spouse will each have a Collaborative Divorce Attorney who represents you in the negotiations. I will represent you and, if desired, help you find another collaborative divorce attorney to represent your spouse. When appropriate, I will also help you to select other Collaborative Divorce team members to facilitate the Collaborative Divorce process. Other Collaborative Divorce team members may include coaches, a child specialist and a financial specialist. Together, the team will address the legal, financial and emotional needs without fighting and without costly court intervention.

No Court Intervention

An important element of Collaborative Divorce is the Collaborative Divorce Agreement that prohibits the Collaborative Divorce attorneys from representing the parties in court. If the Collaborative Divorce is unable to proceed, each of the parties must find new attorneys. This creates a strong, effective incentive to settle your divorce amicably, without the use of the court system, saving time and money.

Voluntary Disclosure

In all Connecticut divorces, both parties must sign a sworn financial affidavit that is submitted to the court in connection with the divorce process. In Collaborative Divorce, each party discloses his or her financial information fully and voluntarily without the use of court ordered disclosure. This is efficient and effective.

Open Honest Communication

The Collaborative Divorce process fosters open, honest communication between the parties instead of posturing and game-playing. The parties meet in a safe, peaceful environment and are encouraged to find creative solutions that benefit the whole family.

Who should choose Collaborative Divorce?

Collaborative Divorce is appropriate for individuals who wish to divorce in an amicable fashion and wish to have legal guidance and representation throughout the process.  Collaborative Divorce allows you to fashion a fair and reasonable divorce settlement that meets your needs and those of your children and fosters ongoing family harmony.

Why Choose Vicki Volper?

I have dedicated my career to helping families divorce in a manner that maintains their dignity, preserves their assets and protects their children. I get tremendous satisfaction from guiding divorcing parties through the process in a way that addresses their legal, financial and emotional needs. I have learned that divorce need not destroy the lives of children.  Studies have shown that when couples divorce amicably, children can maintain strong emotional ties to both parents which fosters their healthy development. It is my pleasure to facilitate that process.  I bring many years of family law experience along with a strong financial background that includes tax and real estate law.  Those skills permit me to work with couples who have complex financial situations.

I am happy to meet with you for a consultation at your convenience.



About Vicki Volper

I am a divorce attorney in Westport who empowers people to divorce in a manner that maintains their dignity, preserves their assets and protects their children.
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