Legal Coaching

Some individuals with more straight forward situations may wish to represent themselves in the divorce process.  These people typically have been in short term marriages and have no minor children and few assets. As your legal coach in the divorce process, I will help you navigate the court system and advise you about your rights and obligations. You and I will discuss your goals and determine the best method to accomplish them. We will divide the labor between us in the way that makes you the most comfortable. You may choose to have me prepare your court documents or review the ones that you have prepared. In all cases. I will provide the legal information you need to make informed, thoughtful and confident decisions about your divorce.

Who Can Benefit From Legal Coaching?

Legal Coaching is suitable for individuals or couples who want to represent themselves in their divorce.  They typically do not have minor children and have very simple financial situations. They believe there are few issues to decide and therefore do not believe mediation or collaborative divorce is necessary. They do, however, require advice and assistance in the preparation of court documents and managing the legal process.

What Legal Coaching Services Are Available?

Individual Divorce Coaching

You have decided to represent yourself in your divorce, but you might not be comfortable going through the process without any legal advice. I offer you the opportunity to meet with me to discuss your divorce and learn about your options.  I can advise you about your rights under Connecticut law. I can help you complete the legal forms to initiate the divorce. You can choose to have me draft your financial affidavit, or simply review it.  I can draft your divorce agreement or review the one that you have drafted. You can choose which of my services you wish to employ all along the way and pay only for the services that you use.

Couples Divorce Coaching

You and your spouse may have a very simple, straight forward situation.  You agree on all of the issues of your divorce and wish to represent yourselves in your divorce.  You are sure that there are no parenting or financial issues left that require mediation. You may, however, need advice about whether you have covered all of the issues.  In addition, you may want to know whether the agreements you have reached are appropriate. You may also want help with filing the legal documents to initiate your divorce and with managing the legal process. I can offer you advice and either complete or review all of the legal documents required. It is up to you to decide which of my services you require.  You pay only for the services that you use.

About Vicki Volper

I am a divorce attorney in Westport who empowers people to divorce in a manner that maintains their dignity, preserves their assets and protects their children.
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